E. J. Brooks Company, RAE Systems (AMEX: RAE), and Savi Technology -- unveiled an inter-connected sensor system that can automatically detect intrusions, sense interior environmental changes in temperature or humidity, detect hazardous cargo such as radioactive materials, and wirelessly communicate its location and security status to a global information network in real-time.

The front of an 8-by-8-by-40-foot intermodal container -- enhanced with multiple sensors, smart tags and active, data-rich radio frequency identification technologies -- was introduced at the U.S. Maritime Security Conference at New York City’s Jacob Javits Center.

The smart container was equipped with a Brooks door sensor seal (E-Seal), a RAE Systems radioactivity sensor (RadRAE), and Savi two-way network communication transponder (Sentinel). Data were transmitted over radio frequencies to the Savi SmartChain software platform and Savi Transportation Security System application for real-time monitoring and management of the container.

The smart system is open, flexible and modular in design and can include several types of sensors for hazardous chemical detection and various physical parameters including temperature, humidity, tilt, light, shock, vibration and atmospheric pressure. The demonstration container also incorporated passive RFID tags by Matrics, which are designed to be compliant with the evolving Electronic Product Code (EPC), to demonstrate real-time item-level visibility of the container’s contents.