Sterling Truck Corp. today announced it is offering a factory-installed all-wheel drive system for the Sterling Acterra— the company’s line of medium- and heavy-duty vocational trucks. This option features an off-set front axle carrier and transfer case to allow a lower chassis height.

The all-wheel drive system comes with four-wheel automatic traction control, using an automatic lock control transfer case coupled with the standard front and rear wheel traction control systems. This new feature uses the vehicle anti-lock brake system to sense wheel slip and automatically engages the front axle and rear axle differential locks to improve off-road operation.

The system also offers a two-speed transfer case with up to 13,000 lb. of input torque to allow the driver to engage the all-wheel drive feature when operating under rough terrain.

The option is available with front axle ratings of 10,000, 12,000, 14,000 and 16,000 lb. The system features superior drive line angularity to minimize drive line vibrations, excellent ground clearance and outstanding reliability, the manufacturer said.

The system also comes standard with a ten-inch offset front differential carrier and right-side mounted transfer case, which reduces the need to raise overall frame heights. Other standard features include Meritor Q Plus cam brakes with outboard-mounted drums, Meritor automatic slack adjusters, a straight tie-rod and ABS-ready wheel ends.

“This option has been designed for a wide range of medium-duty applications including utility, fire, oil field, snow plow, and government, and will be available for ordering in the beginning of the summer,” said John Merrifield, Sterling senior vp of sales & marketing.