Stonier offers guaranteed load plan Third party logistics provider Stonier Transportation Group has launched a guaranteed load-tendering program to assure carriers access to freight during off-peak shipping periods.

The program is offered to current and new carriers under contract to Jacksonville, FL-based Stonier. For carriers who agree to accept a set number of loads offered to them from September through December 2002, Stonier will agree to offer those carriers the same number of loads from January through April 2003.

The program is variable, so the number of loads will differ by carrier equipment availability and established rates, Stonier said. "This is a way for carriers to ensure they have access to freight during the early months of next year when capacity will likely exceed demand," said Stonier chairman & CEO Allen Steele.

In February, Stonier announced a similar initiative for shippers. Its guaranteed shipment acceptance program gives shippers access to transportation services during peak shipping seasons by offering a comparable number of loads during off-peak periods, the company said.