Tango, a software company, will provide a wireless point of sale (POS) system for General Services Inc. (GSI), a freight handling company. Through the companies’ recent contract, GSI will be outfitted with a turn-key POS system to capture data, print receipts and invoices at remote locations, and synchronize data with a central server.

The database will feature a web-based interface with administrative and reporting functions. The system will provide cost savings and increased efficiency for GSI and its customers by ensuring information accuracy and streamlining delivery of data to GSI’s accounting system, according to the software manufacturer.

Invoices and receipts for the services will be printed on site at delivery. The information will be captured via PDA and will include:

  • items and quantity delivered

  • time of delivery

  • cost of loading and unloading

  • names of individuals who handled the freight

GSI has over 500 employees and 30 locations dedicated to loading and unloading delivery trucks.