At a time when most insurance companies are fleeing the trucking industry, Vista Insurance Partners of San Antonio is stepping in with both feet. Vista, a leading wholesale insurance broker, has launched a new division designed to meet the needs of the transportation and commercial automobile industries.

With a special expertise in long-haul and intermediate-haul trucking, the nationwide division will have brokerage, binding authorities and reinsurance facilities. Vista, established in 1998, has offices in Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Florida.

Leading the new division is David Love, executive vp and national director of transportation and commercial automobile. Love previously was regional manager of the CNA Motor Transport Specialist Unit and had over 16 years as an underwriter and manager with CNA and its subsidiaries.

"With the volatility in the insurance markets, it's been tough for some agents to find the coverage options they need," said Love. "Vista is positioned to meet the challenge faced by agents writing larger pieces of business."

"This new division moves us closer to our goal of being the wholesale broker of choice," said James H. Levine, Vista's president & CEO. "Agents who serve large transportation and commercial automobile accounts will find that we will give them access to the best markets, and we'll partner with them to grow profitable premiums."