Wireless-based vehicle fleet management and mobile asset-tracking company @Track Communications Inc. announced today that its trading symbol has reverted back to ATRKC on The Nasdaq SmallCap Market.

The change became effective July 3, 2001, following the expiration of the 20 business day period required by Nasdaq, during which the company's symbol was changed to ATMCD to reflect the 1-for-5 reverse split of its common stock that occurred on June 5.

@Track's technology combines wireless data and voice technologies with GPS satellite location capabilities for vehicle fleet management. The company's mobile asset product, TrackWare(R), combines the technologies of GPS and wireless control channel essaging to track mobile assets.

@Track recently sold 30-million shares of its common stock to U.K. communications provider Minorplanet Systems PLC, which became @Track’s majority stockholder and strategic partner.