Pegasus TransTech has launched Transflo Express document scanning service at more than 150 truckstops nationwide. Transflo Express enables fleets to receive trip documents within minutes of delivering loads, which Pegasus TransTech says speeds up the billing cycle.

Drivers give their documents to a fuel desk attendant for scanning. The documents are delivered electronically to the fleet for immediate billing and payroll processing. Pegasus TransTech said all fleets, regardless of size, can receive their trip documents via Transflo Express.

"Instant access to trip documents is enabling us to bill the same day we deliver our loads," said Maverick Transportation vp of information technology Mike Hufnagel. "The biggest advantage for the drivers and the company is since the drivers now maintain control of the trip documents, there is no loss of control of the documentation and no more disputes over their paperwork."

"The closure improves their cash flow and customer service while providing fleets a higher level of control than they've ever had before," said Pegasus TransTech chairman Bob Helms.