A truck driver halted an attempted escape from Sussex II State Prison in Waverly, VA when two inmates passing by a loading dock commandeered an idling tractor truck on Tuesday at 8:45 a.m. The driver, who was in the process of hooking up the trailer, disconnected the truck’s air hose, forcing the rear brakes to lock and disabling the vehicle.

One corrections officer was supervising four inmates as they did routine yard work outside the facility, according to Larry Traylor, Virginia Department of Corrections spokesperson.

“When they saw the truck running, they decided to make a run for it,” Traylor told Drivers.

One inmate shoved the driver to the ground while the two jumped into the truck. The driver recovered and disconnected the air hose. The corrections officer responsible for the inmates then radioed for assistance.

The truck driver sustained no injuries, while the would-be escapees were afterward treated for minor injuries and confined to the prison’s segregation unit.

No further information was released on the driver or the inmates because the investigation is still ongoing, with possible charges pending against the inmates.

“I believe this could be a felony. I’m not sure whether they [the inmates] did try to attack the officers,” Traylor said.