Schrader Electronics, part of Tomkins Industrial and Automotive Division of London, England, has been awarded a contract to supply remote tire pressure monitoring systems to General Motors (GM) for its light trucks.

Schrader will supply the tire inflation systems to future General Motor's North American light truck production as well as Opel and Fiat production in Europe and Isuzu and Subaru production in Japan for vehicles to be sold into the U.S. market. Schrader Electronics already supplies these tire inflation systems to GM's Corvette and Cadillac brands in the U.S.

Schrader, based in Northern Ireland, said remote tire pressure monitoring systems allow drivers to monitor their vehicle's tire pressures by using electronic sensors attached to the tire valves to transmit pressure data from each wheel to displays on the dashboard or rear view mirror. Such systems will be eventually compulsory on all cars and light trucks produced in the United States under the TREAD Act, the company said.