LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Volvo Trucks North America Inc. and Volvo Commercial Finance announced at the Mid-America Trucking Show the introduction of Generation2, a program to help customers purchase and dealers market pre-owned Volvo trucks.

Volvo Trucks said that through Generation2 it will take on a large share of the financial burden that comes with vehicle purchasing. Dealers will have minimal exposure to risk while taking advantage of the opportunity for increased profit and cash flow.

“We see this as an additional opportunity to work as partners with our dealers,” said Chris Patterson, executive vp of sales and marketing for Volvo Trucks.

Volvo said the Generation2 trucks will be low mileage products that have met Volvo’s pre-owned standards and includes a comprehensive six-month/60,000 mile warranty protection plan. Customers can also choose to upgrade the coverage.

Volvo Commercial Finance has made funds available to qualified buyers at up to 200% of the NADA stated value of the unit with no down payment. In addition, both owner-operators and fleet customers are eligible for discounts on parts and service with the use of their Fleet Force card at participating dealers.

Volvo said Generation2 customers can also receive special rates when choosing Specturm insurance, as well as other services at introductory prices.

Generation2 will be rolled out to Volvo dealers over the next 30 days, the company said.