Freight forwarder Yellow Global says they have made international shipping easier with its new online service, Global QBT. The new service gives shippers everything they need to instantly quote, book, and track international shipments from a singleWebsite

"Until now, international shipping has been a complex, time-consuming job involving phone call after phone call," said John Yarwood, vp of global operations for Yellow Global. "Now transportation professionals have instant access to the entire shipping process online, from getting quotes, to booking shipments, to confirming delivery at destination.”

Elisa McNorton, a transportation specialist with Payless ShoeSource in Topeka, KS, said she plans to use Global QBT to ship shoes to overseas specialty markets.

"It gives you all the various shipping options upfront – air and ocean quotes – so you can quickly compare rates and transit times without re-keying information."

Yarwood said that with Global QBT, shippers will not have to wait hours or even days to get international shipping quotes. It provides instant door-to-door quotes for shipments of all sizes, moving via ocean or air.

The technology behind Global QBT was built by, a global transportation management company funded in part by Yellow Corp. The new shipping tool is featured on the Yellow Global website but can be accessed from both the and Yellow Freight System websites.