DOT Secretary Norman Y. Mineta has accepted the resignation of Warren E. Hoemann, Deputy Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, effective May 13, 2006. The announcement came just one week after FMCSA Administrator Annette M. Sandberg left her post at the agency (March 31).

Hoemann gave no reason for his resignation. John Hill, the current FMCSA Assistant Administrator and Chief Safety Officer, will become Acting Deputy Administrator until a replacement is appointed. FMCSA has yet to announce a new Administrator.

Hoemann was appointed Chief Counsel by Mineta in March 2003 and started his post at FMCSA when Annette M. Sandberg was confirmed in August 2003.

“My personal highlights at DOT are reaching interagency agreement on the seemingly intractable issue of intermodal container chassis maintenance and guiding the FMCSA headquarters response during Hurrican Katrina,” Hoemann stated in his resignation letter.

Hoemann previously served as vp of the California Trucking Assn. (CTA), where he oversaw the accounting, safety, seminars and training, public affairs, and highway policy departments. While at CTA, Hoemann worked with the California Highway Patrol to align motor carrier safety audits and vehicle inspections. He was a member of California's Safe Delivery of Fuels Task Force and was the industry contact for anti-terrorism issues.

Before working for CTA, Hoemann was vp of government relations for Yellow Corp.