Goodyear Engineered Products is rolling out a new series of alternative fuel dispensing hoses verified by Underwriters Laboratories, designed to handle biodiesel, ethanol and other non-traditional fuels.

According to Keith Collett, industrial hose marketing manager for the company, the new Goodyear Flexsteel, Ambassador, BC Gasoline and BC Marina hoses are all designed to handle biodiesel – made from vegetable oils, such as soybeans, and blended with petroleum – and E85, produced from corn husk that is converted to an alcohol mixture of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline.

Collett said traditional rubber hose products could degrade when exposed to new fuel blends but these new design are chemically-compatible with biodiesel fuels and retain their physical properties after coming in contact with the fuels.

Collett noted that, in addition to its fuel pump dispensing hose, the company has also announced that Goodyear Flexwing, Super Black Flexwing, Red Flextra, Plicord Fuel Discharge and Paladin transfer hose, used at refineries and by tanker truck dispensing operations, are now available for biodiesel fuel transfer applications.