Truck electrification system provider IdleAire has announced its entry into the terminal market with an agreement with Oklahoma-based Arrow Trucking Co. According to IdleAire, it is in discussions with fleets that control 113 terminals, and the company will work to provide its anti-idling solution to modal facilities, ports, border crossings, and transfer facilities.

IdleAire’s first 50-space terminal installation will be built with Arrow Trucking Co. in Tulsa, OK. Arrow’s company drivers have used 112,138 hours of IdleAire’s Advanced Travel Center Electrification Shorepower systems (ATE). This has saved the company over 112,000 gallons of diesel, IdleAire said.

“The fact that fleets have used our service at travel centers and are now asking us to install in their own terminals represents a new level of acceptance and adoption within the industry,” said IdleAire executive vp Lynn Youngs.