Lowell, AR-based truckload carrier J. B. Hunt Transport Services is marking the 10-year anniversary of the its “Million Mile” safe driving award program, designed to recognize the achievements of its drivers who have reached various safe-driving milestones.

Since its inception in 1996, J.B. Hunt has paid out $12 million to a total of 2,140 of its drivers, including eight three-million-mile drivers, 219 two-million-mile drivers and 1,913 one-million-mile drivers.

“Without question, this is one of the most significant achievements in our history,” said Kirk Thompson, the carrier’s president & CEO. “I can think of no greater return on investment than the benefits these individuals have brought not only to our organization, but to the entire public. I look forward to the next ten years of safe driving awards and recognition.”

He added that J.B. Hunt rewards driver safety by recognizing those who drive one million safe miles with a cash award of $5,000, while drivers reaching two million safe miles get $10,000, and drivers reaching three million safe miles receive $20,000. Thompson also noted that J. B. Hunt recently announced a new four-million-mile safety award for which drivers will receive a $40,000 cash award.