Consumer product distributor Core-Mark has contracted with Cooltrax Americas to implement the Cooltrax Fresh InTransit cold-chain monitoring solution across its refrigerated trailer fleet and 24 distribution centers. Installation began in March and will be included on all new trailer purchases.

Fresh InTransit provides real-time monitoring of location, alarms, and door activity of each compartment of temperature-controlled trailers.

“Cooltrax brings a very innovative approach that complements Core-Mark's commitment to maintaining temperature integrity across our cold chain,” said Frank Kovach, director of transportation. “We realized early in our evaluation of various suppliers that Cooltrax brought much more than a reefer monitoring and tracking solution.

“Through Cooltrax's unique long-range wireless sensor technology,” he continued, “our managers have visibility of trailer temperatures and door activity across all zones in real-time.”

Core-Mark markets and distributes packaged products to over 24,000 retail locations.