International cargo trade between the U.S. and Mexico might get a new gateway in the next few years to help relieve the pressure on other freight transit points: KellyUSA.

The multimodal port and industrial park will be built the site of the former Kelly Air Force Base, which was closed.

More than 30 Mexican businesses along with U.S. federal and state agencies signed a letter of intent to establish the mechanisms for moving air, rail and ground cargo principally from Asia and South America through Mexico and into the U.S. via KellyUSA. This could help relieve freight congestion at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

“We are joining forces with Mexico to develop multimodal corridors that will be mutually beneficial to each partner,” said Bruce Miller, CEO of the Greater Kelly Development Authority. “We're establishing synergies, origin and destination systems, facilitating access to international markets and creating new pathways for producers, importers and exporters to access the global market – all of which means economic gains for everyone involved.”

“We understand that we have the most dynamic border in the world and that border crossings through Texas are precisely the ones that account for more than 70% of the over-land commercial exchange between the United States and Mexico,” added Aaron Dychter, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Transportation.