Law enforcement and truckers throughout the United States and Canada are working together to form the World's Largest Truck Convoy (WLTC) on Sept. 16. Stretches of highway throughout North America will be lined with an expected 4,000 trucks in convoy to celebrate their support of the athletes of the Special Olympics.

WLTC is a partnership between law enforcement and truckers to raise funds for Special Olympics so athletes can continue to train in year-round sports activities. Officers involved in the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics have made the WLTC one of their many annual signature events.

This year's WLTC is expected to bring out more than 4,000 truckers from 34 states as well as Alberta and Ontario. It is expected to raise nearly $600,000. In 2005, the event attracted nearly 1,800 truckers and raised $439,309.

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