Manhattan Associates has released two software upgrades to its suite of products for retailers and mobile supply chain operations. Multi-channel retailers are the focus for Manhattan's new Distributed Selling system: a cross-channel call center and in-store order entry application built within its Distributed Order Management (DOM) solution.

Terrie O'Hanlon, the company's senior vice president & chief marketing officer, said Distributed Selling enables a retailer to provide the same level of service and purchase power to customers via external applications — mobile device, point of sale system, etc. — as it can within a call center or store location.

Additionally, it provides retailers with full payment processing and financial settlement support.

For mobile supply chain initiatives where radio frequency-based technologies are impractical or wireless connections are not readily available, Manhattan is launching FieldSCOUT, a system using hand-held devices to deliver on-the-go visibility and decision-making power, even when users are disconnected.