Two suppliers and fleets will field-test mobile idle reduction technology (MIRT) developed by a partnership formed by Mechron Power Systems, Cummins, Volvo Trucks North America (VNTA) and North Carolina State University (NCSU) under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Smartway grant and NCSU’s Solar Center.

A total of 22 MIRT units from Mechron Power Systems and Cummins will be used during the field test. VNTA will evaluate different MIRT systems and will offer truck buyers prep kits that enable aftermarket MIRT installations.

Mechron and Cummins will each provide 10 MIRT units to two customer fleets operating in the U.S. Each customer fleet will have five MIRT units from each manufacturer. Two owner-operators will also test the units.

Testing is expected to begin in July and results will be evaluated by NCSU. Final results and a report will be provided to EPA by mid-2008.