Eluminor has announced it will incorporate MobileEye Vision Technologies’ camera and computer system to its on-board truck monitoring system that analyzes driving patterns and provides warnings to help prevent accidents.

Eluminor’s Vehicle and Driving Monitoring System also would record pertinent information leading up to an accident and store it in a module designed to be recoverable after a crash.

Mobileye's SeeQ uses a monocular vision component that warns drivers if they're following too closely or making unsafe lane departures. It also provides a warning for emergency braking situations.

The vision system uses a single camera and pattern recognition software, which is designed to work together similarly to the human eye, Eluminor said.

"Driver inattention is the primary cause of 90% of crashes," said Amnon Shashua, Mobileye's chairman and chief scientist. "Research has shown that advanced warning systems responding even one-half second before a collision can prevent or reduce the severity of crashes."

For more information, visit www.eluminor.com.