Nextel Communications Inc. and Motorola Inc. have introduced the Motorola i355, which they call an affordable rugged phone that offers five ways to stay connected. A rubber overmold protects the phone against dust, rain, and vibration.

The features include:

  • Group Connect, which allows users to connect with up to 20 other Nextel users nationwide with a push of a button
  • Direct Connect, a nationwide and country-to-country walkie-talkie service
  • Direct Talk which allows the phone to perform as an off-network walkie-talkie with a range up to six miles
  • Multimedia Messaging service which allows users to send text, images and audio together from several locations on the handset
  • Digital cellular phone service

    “Many industries, including public service, construction, and transportation services, need the confidence that comes with multiple ways to keep groups connected,” said Blair Kutrow, Nextel’s vp—product management.