The National Truck Equipment Assn. (NTEA) has launched two publications designed to help commercial truck and transportation industry professionals develop market plans.

Work and Vocational Truck Data Source: Truck Registration by State, Class and Body Type provides data that can help manufacturers and distributors estimate potential aftermarket sales, NTEA said.

Work and Vocational Truck Tractor Data Source: Truck Tractor Registrations by State, Model Year and Trailer Body Type Most Often Pulled help trailer manufacturers and dealers establish the relative importance of each trailer body type in various geographic locations as well as determine truck tractor replacement rates, according to NTEA.

Both publications contain data taken from the Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey conducted by the Census Bureau for 2002. This survey reveals the number of privately owned trucks and truck tractors registered in the U.S. on a five-year basis. It also includes information on body type, gross vehicle weight, miles traveled, type of equipment installed, loads carried, and more.

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