Pennsylvania’s new nine-member Transportation Funding and Reform Commission will hold four meetings across the state in 2006 to find ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public transit and highways and bridges as well as their underlying funding.

The commission, formed in February 2005, has until Nov. 15, 2006, to develop recommendations on operational improvements plus appropriate funding plans for transportation and report them to Governor Edward G. Rendell. The commission plans to meet Jan. 26 in Pittsburgh, March 23 in Harrisburg, May 18 in Philadelphia, and July 20 in Harrisburg.

“We need to hear from a spectrum of viewpoints as we meet Governor Rendell's directive to develop a full range of options,” said Allen D. Biehler, P.E., state transportation secretary and commission chairman. “We welcome comment from as wide an audience as possible because we are at a pivotal point for transportation in Pennsylvania. These ideas will help the commission shape realistic proposals that can garner the necessary support to be implemented.”

Forms for submitting testimony are available by e-mailing the commission at