PPG Commercial Coatings has released two new yellow urethane resin bases designed to provide increased hiding power for select industrial colors.

AUE-300YL and AUE-360YL are in addition to the AUE-300 low VOC urethane enamel and AUE-360 high solids urethane enamel topcoat systems.

According to PPG, hiding, or hiding power, is the ability of a paint film to mask the color or pattern of a surface the paint film covers. The new resins’ yellow color gives them an enhanced hiding capability, PPG said, which reduces the number of coats required in an application and results in lower labor and material costs for the end user.

“AUE-300YL and AUE-360YL have been used to reformulate certain colors in the two-book PPG Commercial Performance Coatings color selector,” said Steve Podlas, brand manager for PPG Commercial Coatings. “We identified 25 colors to date as having formulations that often take five or six coats to achieve hiding using the standard, clear mixing resin. But now, with AUE-300YL and AUE-360YL, we can provide 30-35% better hiding than the original formulation.”

AUE-300YL and AUE-360YL are recommended for interior and exterior use on properly prepared surfaces. Application examples include metal fabrication, castings, cabinets, machinery, and heavy equipment. AUE-360YL offers excellent exterior durability, mar and chemical resistance, UV resistance, and high dry film hiding capability with minimal coats.