Des Moines, IA-based Ruan Transportation Management Systems has formed a business alliance with Summit Systems, a minority-owned transportation consulting and brokerage firm based in Ypsilanti, MI, so both can be in a better position to serve the logistics needs of smaller manufacturing companies.

“Many small manufacturing companies are not getting the transportation services and rates they need,” said Clarence Hudson, vp for Summit. “We know that we can help make a positive financial impact on smaller businesses through helping them streamline their logistics needs.”

With the support of Ruan, Summit plans to provide management support that assists smaller transportation firms in establishing sound business processes, achieving long-term stability, and meeting their growth potential.

“We believe our expertise and industry knowledge will help more small manufacturing companies improve their bottom lines,” noted Mike Kandris, president & CEO of Ruan. “We are certain [this partnership] can help smaller manufacturers find more effective and efficient transportation solutions.”