SKF has announced it has developed and patented a new valve stem seal for engine applications for heavy-duty vehicles. The seal improves the quality of emissions and enhances engine operation by withstanding high pressures in the exhaust and intake ports of the engine, the manufacturer said.

The new valve stem seal is slated for production for the European market in early 2006 and is undergoing evaluation by a European truck manufacturer, the company said. SKF valve stem seals are developed at the company's facility in Leverkusen, Germany.

The new valve stem seal design allows the primary sealing lip to function independently of the pressure applied by protecting it with an independent secondary lip, SKF explained. This lip resists high pressures in the exhaust and intake ports of the engine without opening to maintain its primary function as an oil-metering device.

"As the major supplier of valve stem seals in Europe, we are always looking for ways to improve the function of our products," said Klaus Semke, automotive sales director, SKF Sealing Solutions Europe. "Environmental considerations are also a key focus for SKF, so we are particularly pleased when we can offer a new solution that provides significant benefits in both areas."

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