Akron, OH-based architecture, engineering and construction management firm GBC Design, Inc. is offering a one-time assessment of truck maintenance facilities for only the cost of the travel expenses of their on-site professional.

The offer includes reports evaluating all aspects of the facility’s condition as well as a proposal that covers preventive and reactive maintenance items.

“After over 20 years of concentrating work to trucking companies and facilities we found over the last five to ten years not too many (architecture) firms that offer a facility maintenance program— whether it’s repairing roofs or rehabilitating asphalt,” Michael Goff, engineer project manager told Fleet Owner.

He added that the company is specifically seeking clients with trucking terminals, particularly because the trucking industry relies on well-maintained facilities to operate efficiently.

“If a truck falls into a 4-ft. pothole every time it enters the facility it damages the goods and vehicle,” Bill Evans, marketing operations—GBC Design, told Fleet Owner. “We’re offering a good professional preventative maintenance program that maximizes the ROI of facility while minimizing out-of-pocket cost.”

For more information, contact Bill Evans at 330-836-0228 or email bevans@gbcdesign.com.