To help educate the Canadian trucking industry about ongoing efforts to improve vehicle safety, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC recently collaborated with Volvo Trucks Canada to put on the Volvo Trucks Canada Enhanced Technology Event Sept. 9-10 in Waterloo, Ontario.

Close to 100 people attended the event, held at the Waterloo Regional Emergency Services Training and Research Complex, to experience first-hand Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST) and Volvo Enhanced Cruise (VEC), designed mitigate rollovers, loss of control, and prevent rear-end collisions.

Attendees also viewed static displays that presented VEST and VEC along with SmarTire by Bendix, a tire pressure monitoring system, along with Bendix air disc and wide foundation drum brakes.

The event also featured presentations by Bendix and Volvo representatives, along with a tent display showcasing the active safety technologies. In addition, Volvo demonstrated its I-Shift 2010 engine technology on various trucks on a road course, and highlighted the Volvo Driving Success Tour truck, which also features Bendix active safety technologies.

“These technologies, as proactive and effective as they can be, don’t replace the need for good drivers and safe driving practices, as well as continuous, comprehensive driver training,” said Fred Andersky, Bendix director of marketing – controls.

“Active safety technologies won’t make a bad driver a good driver, but they can help a good driver avoid a bad situation,” he added. “We were also pleased to partner with Volvo Trucks Canada, another company long committed to highway safety, for a second time to help industry members get an all-important firsthand view – including from the seat of a truck cab – of these vital technologies.”