Ray Bucci, a global risk management expert with more than 40 years of experience, has joined the Transportation Business Advisory Board of Fusion Sleep.

“Ray offers our Transportation Business Advisory Board deep expertise in risk management and critical success factors such as accident prevention and expense controls,” said Sigurjon Kristjansson, CEO. “Ray’s wealth of experience and insight into the risk management, insurance and food retailer sectors will guide us as we develop our programs to offer the most effective and profitable sleep solutions for safety conscious companies.”

Bucci has spent more than 40 years in insurance, risk management and operational oversight of public companies. He has served as vp & risk manager for Stop & Shop Cos., vp &risk manager for Ahold USA and vp & global risk manager for Royal Ahold.

He serves on the board of directors for the Vermont Captive Insurance Assn., the Massachusetts Self-Insurance Assn., and the New Hampshire Self-Insurance Assn. He is also a member and chairperson of the Risk and Insurance Management Committee of the Food Marketing Institute.

“Risk management’s greatest expense is worker’s compensation, which is the largest expense overall outside of payroll,” Bucci said. “Any opportunity to implement accident-prevention measures, adding to driver and public safety, are key to controlling expenses, which normally seem out of our control. Sleep programs that prevent accidents for workers, drivers and in-store customers are a win/win for everyone.”

Fusion Sleep provides transportation sleep medicine services, employing full-time Board Certified sleep medicine physicians, technologists, therapists and other sleep medicine professionals who are trained to treat all sleep disorders.