Wix Filters has announced developing a new heavy-duty air filter media pleating system that features new embossing technology. Wix said this allows producing filters with precision pleats and various media basis weights to maximize filtration media surface area, trap more contaminants, and maintain low air flow restriction for efficient engine performance.

“By taking a standard flat sheet and embossing it, we allow air flow to penetrate from the tip of the pleat all the way to the bottom, which improves media area utilization to about 80 to 90% from the traditional 50 to 60%,” said Bill Stamey, heavy-duty product engineering manager for Wix Filters. “The greater contaminant-holding capacity and improved air flow through the media pleat pack produced as a result of this increase in surface area can improve performance by as much as 40%.

“The improved capacity extends filter life and allows for longer maintenance intervals, while the lower restriction to air flow over time improves fuel economy and maximizes engine performance,” Stamey added. “With fuel prices as high as they are now, every effort is being made to improve fuel mileage.”

For more information, go to www.wixfilters.com.