RAIR announced this week that it has established a strategic alliance with HNI, a provider of insurance and risk management services to the trucking industry. RAIR helps carriers reduce exposure to risk by managing their safety and compliance information, including providing driver logbook auditing and CSA 2010 compliance assistance.

"We are very impressed by RAIR's processing and analytics capabilities that help identify and improve a trucking company's compliance and safety record,” said Bill Prester, president and managing principal of HNI Truck Group LLC. “We have combined RAIR's outstanding ability to organize and apply the massive amounts of data that it receives from its clients with HNI's ability to help implement and utilize the RAIR programs for the benefit of our carriers.”

RAIR president and CEO, JJ Singh, said, "We are proud to have been chosen by HNI to form this strategic alliance. … This integrated and complete solution will help carriers respond effectively to CSA 2010."

The new RAIR/HNI service is available immediately, according to the partners. The two companies will not only work together to offer current services, but to develop new products that leverage RAIR’s data analysis capabilities, as well, they said.

“One thing we do very well is identify trends and root causes,” Singh told Fleet Owner. “For example, we can analyze data from a vehicle’s data bus, driver log data and CSA data to identify potential risks and to recommend ‘surgical’ interventions to reduce those risks.

“CSA 2010 is a whole new world really because it is so data focused,” he continued. “We say we offer more than a scorecard; we offer solutions. After all, data is only as good as your ability to use it. We are trying to help fleets before CSA 2010 even goes into effect so that they will be ready and in compliance [when the start date comes].”

Earlier in the month, Schneider National announced that it had selected RAIR to provide the reporting modules for its electronic log data. “RAIR audits our paper logs, and we depend on their analytics and reporting,” noted Don Osterberg, vp of safety and driver training for Schneider . “We don’t want to lose the advantage of their service as we move to EOBRs.”