Roadcheck 2011 will focus on finding carriers of household goods (HHG) who may be operating ‘under-the-radar’ by using improperly marked rental vehicles and/or operating as a property carrier rather than HHG carrier. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has noticed a disproportionate drop in HHG carrier registrations and believes some HHG carriers are commercially moving household goods either in unmarked rental or leased vehicles or in vans/trailers that are marked but with improper authority. As a result, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspectors will keep a sharp eye out for this activity and take any necessary enforcement action.

The annual 72-hour ‘round the clock inspection blitz will take place June 7-9 with inspectors checking vehicles and drivers at inspection sites along major highways across North America. In addition, roving patrols will inspect vehicles and drivers traveling other roadways.

Since its inception in 1988, more than one million roadside inspections have been conducted during the annual Roadcheck. These inspections have resulted in more than 234 lives saved and 4,293 injuries avoided, according to CVSA.

“Commercial motor vehicle (CMV) inspectors work diligently every day to ensure that the commercial vehicles using our highways do so as safely as possible,” said Stephen A. Keppler, CVSA’s executive director. “While a significant majority of vehicle operators are highly responsible, conscientious, and safe; a few in the minority are less so. CMV inspectors provide a vital service to check driver and vehicle safety fitness to help keep our roads safe and clear from preventable crashes, backups, and a needless loss of lives.”