The West Virginia Div. of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has launched a new online service making truck travel in the region easier than ever for commercial truckers. "The new system makes acquiring a trip permit much easier for trucking companies," said Phil Kingery, DMV motor carrier services manager. "Permits can be purchased at any time — from their home or office and at their convenience."

Combined 10-day trip permits can now be purchased online by visiting the IRP/IFTA section of the DMV's website.

Trucking companies with commercial vehicles not registered in West Virginia are required to provide detailed information and obtain trip permits for temporary travel through the state.

Truckers can obtain a single-trip permit by entering owner, truck, and trip information and submitting payment by credit card through a secure application. Once the transaction is complete, permits can be printed instantly.

Trucking companies or commercial drivers frequently traveling in West Virginia can register an account and the system will retain commonly used trucks, addresses and other information to be used on future trip-permit requests.

Kingery said another goal of the program is improved public safety. "The online service also makes important information available to law enforcement and public safety officials more quickly than the traditional paper-based process."

The Trip Permit Request System was developed by the IRP/IFTA branch of the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles in partnership with the state’s website.