Motiv Power Systems said Sacramento, CA, has become the second city in North America to order an electric refuse vehicle (ERV).

Sacramento’s Class 8 ERV will use Motiv’s all-electric powertrain, saving the city 6,000 gallons of fuel a year. It will come equipped with 10 battery packs and be expandable to 12 packs. The ERV is built on a Crane Carrier chassis and Loadmaster body.

Chicago has already put one automated left-side loader ERV into service.  

“Reducing harmful vehicle emissions in the Sacramento region is a primary focus of our sustainability policy, and the most effective way to achieve that goal is to implement electric vehicles into our fleet,” said Mark Stevens, fleet manager for Sacramento. “The city of Sacramento intends to prove that all-electric refuse trucks are the future of the industry, and we anticipate igniting that trend.”

“Reducing the amount of diesel-fueled refuse trucks in the city keeps communities safer from toxic diesel emissions. And, in addition to being cleaner, it’s a quieter alternative to conventional trucks - a definite plus for those of us who appreciate peaceful mornings,” said Motiv CEO Jim Castelaz.

Motiv said its electric powertrain uses off-the-shelf batteries and motors, which can be mixed and matched to fit the exact size and duty cycle needed. It can be assembled using the existing diesel chassis infrastructure already established throughout the world.