A new tool from Ken-Tool will provide time savings and make securing nylon straps to winches attached to a flatbed deck easier, the company said.

To use the strap winder, the driver inserts the winder into the winch shaft tightening hole and using an in/out motion, quickly winds the strap onto the winch spool, Ken-Tool said.  After the slack has been drawn into the winch spool, the driver engages the ratchet locking mechanism, and tightens the straps by inserting the handle end into the tightening holes and turning the shaft.

(To see a video of the strap winder in use, click here)

The strap winder weighs 2.1 lbs. and measures 19-in. Made of a durable high-quality steel, the tool includes a long-lasting, weather-resistance foam rubber grip.

According to Ken-Tool, it can also be used as a “cheater bar” to provide added leverage during the final tightening of nylon strap ratchet assemblies.