Data mining software company Vigillo has released two new custom reports from IQLab. The CSA Points Gauge and Carrier Benchmark reports provide carriers important data on their CSA scores and comparisons to other carriers.

The CSA Points Gauge provides an at-a-glance view of inspections, violations and points that have been added to and/or dropped from the CSA score, along with the net change in points for each CSA BASIC.

The Carrier Benchmark report gives carriers the ability to understand how their score compares to other carriers. Utilizing Vigillo’s large aggregate database, a carrier is able to compare CSA BASIC percentile ranking to other carriers in all seven BASICs.  Additionally, carriers are able to compare ranking industry wide in the five public BASICs.

“We created IQLab to respond to the variety of requests we get here at Vigillo for customized reports on all manner of CSA issues,” said Steve Bryan, CEO. “Frequently, the ideas from customers result in offerings that appeal to many carriers.  These latest offerings are two such ideas. Benchmarking against similar carriers and understanding the mechanism for points entering and exiting the CSA pipeline are important in thorough CSA management.  The Carrier Benchmark and CSA Points Gauge are built on four years of CSA management experience at Vigillo and should be considered important tools in the complete CSA toolbox.”