A new A-frame rack for the transportation of smaller pieces of glass by pickup users is now being offered by MyGlassTruck.com. The compact frame rides inside the truck’s bed and includes an optional quick-disconnect mounting system that allows glaziers to easily install the rack for work and remove it just as quickly so they can use their truck for personal use.

It takes two workers less than five minutes to uninstall the unit, the company said.

Because the unit is portable, it can be moved from vehicle to vehicle as well. There are two models, one that extends over an open tailgate and a shorter version that allows the tailgate to close.

The A-frame can be built with or without padded bottom ledges in a range of lengths from 6 to 10 ft. A-frame carriers without bottom ledges can transport slightly taller pieces of glass and use the e-track cargo control system to secure payloads.

Models with ledges can be equipped with e-track and/or aluminum glass holding poles featuring black triangle cleats that can be vertically adjusted to any position along their length.