Aljex Software has announced that more than $1 billion of available loads were posted to the Aljex Load Board during 2010 – which was just the board’s second full year of operation. The Aljex Load Board, launched in the 3rd quarter of 2008, is available at no charge to all Aljex customers, the company said, adding that carriers can access the board free, whether or not they are Aljex customers.

“We’re very gratified that we reached the billion-dollar mark in 2010,” said Tom Heine, Aljex CEO. “We’re making the business of transportation faster and easier to conduct. The Aljex Load Board takes that process a step further by making sure that all of the posted loads are ‘real’ loads, because they come directly from the Aljex 3pl’s dispatch screens.”

According to Aljex, “carriers are assured that every load on the Aljex Load Board comes through an Aljex customer.” Most Aljex brokers and 3PLs are members of the Transportation Intermediaries Assn. (TIA), which sets high standards for membership. Problem brokers, who can post to other boards for a small fee, cannot post on Aljex, the company added.

When a carrier posts available equipment to the load board, Heine said, it will automatically show up as a match in brokers’ Aljex systems. Aljex software is hosted over the Internet and the thousands of loads generated by Aljex customers every day are made available to carriers. As part of the Aljex service, all broker and carrier customers also can -- at their option -- automatically post loads to the major commercial, North American load boards, the company added.

Motor carriers that are not Aljex customers can access the load board here.