Preformatted text messages populated with the appropriate load information can now be sent automatically to driver’s cell phones by a dispatcher with a new Aljex Software application.

The driver texting option has been integrated with Aljex’s hosted broker and dispatch application, allowing a broker or dispatcher to send text messages automatically. The preformatted messages include pick-up addresses, reference numbers, contact information and more.

The user simply chooses the appropriate preformatted message from the forms option on a load screen and hits send, according to the developer. The software automatically populates the message with the correct information for that load and sends the message to the correct driver.

“Texting is an excellent tool for getting accurate information to drivers on the road. You don’t waste phone time spelling things out over the phone, and the driver doesn’t make mistakes writing them down. What the driver gets is exactly what you sent from your Aljex screen,” said Tom Heine, president of Aljex.