ALK Technologies has released the latest update for its PC*Miler | Tolls solution. The update come at a time when commercial vehicle toll rates have risen in a number of states and in Canada, ALK said.

“ALK remains committed to working closely with toll authorities in the United States and Canada to provide our users with the latest changes,” said Kara Jo Witkowski, senior product marketing manager. “We encourage customers to download the most recent update to ensure reporting accuracy and to better manage their operating costs.”

PC*Miler | Tolls is powered by the same technology and map data as the standard PC*Miler routing, mileage and mapping software.

The latest edition of Tolls includes 71,450 unique toll paths, ALK said.

For each of those paths, the solution calculates the exact toll costs based on vehicle weight, axle count, departure location, vehicle dimension, route preference, type of toll (cash or discount program), and destination.

Updates are automatic for current users of the software.