ACS Expedited Solutions is launching a new Internet-based driver orientation program for trucking companies of all sizes called Command Solutions. The company said it is designed to help fleets save millions of dollars in travel and lodging costs by allowing drivers to complete pre-hire paperwork, orientation and testing online.

“This web-based orientation training might be new to the trucking industry, but it’s not new to ACS,” said Kelley Walkup, division vp & gm of ACS Expedited Solutions. “ACS works with hundreds of customers on e-learning platforms, [so] it makes sense to offer the service to the transportation industry – especially in this current economic climate – as a means to help carriers create a better bottom line.”

Walkup said that with Command Solutions, fleets should be able to reduce travel, housing and per diem costs, improve learning retention, decrease the hiring cycle, increase asset utilization, and provide an excellent source for documentation against litigation.

The system lets drivers complete all pre-hire paperwork, orientation and testing online. When the driver successfully completes all orientation testing, they travel to the fleet facility for a road test, drug test and introduction to the carrier, said Walkup This process significantly reduces costs, creating opportunities for better truck-to-revenue ratios and less downtime for drivers while in orientation, he noted.

“Command Solutions reduces costs for carriers significantly, even for small carriers,” explained Walkup. “On average, Internet-based orientation can save carriers more than $1,000 for every driver they hire. That’s a savings of over half-a-million dollars for carriers who hire 500 drivers a year.”