Blue Sky Network has released a dual-mode tracking device that uses both GSM and Iridium satellite capabilities, improving tracking of vehicles and cargo even in the most remote areas, the company said.

The HawkEye 5300 provides real-time, two-way communication by seamlessly switching between GSM and Iridium satellite networks to provide 100% visibility with lower tracking costs.

“GSM is very cost effective, but it is often unavailable in remote locations where the danger is highest and the need greatest,” said Jon Gilbert, CEO & founder of Blue Sky Network. “The HawkEye 5300 provides fleet operators with the best of both worlds by economically delivering uninterrupted tracking no matter how remote the area. Users can monitor and communicate with their fleets at all times to ensure complete safety and accountability.”

The HawkEye 5300 provides uninterrupted tracking as well as instant notification of vehicle operation after-hours or in unsafe areas. It also includes Internet-based fleet monitoring.

The 5300 is part of the HawkEye series of devices, all of which include an optional LCD touchscreen display.