Cadec Global has released a new application designed to extend a company’s supply-chain management from pickup to delivery. According to Cadec, the handheld DeliveryTracker DCS is a well-suited for independent contractors whose needs for onboard computing functions do not match those of the entire fleet.

The application provides inventory tracking, including electronic manifests, dynamic pickup and delivery instructions, invoice printing, barcode scanning and electronic signature capture, all without an onboard computer. The solution allows contractors to collect and transmit P&D details back to the office in real time, provides managers with more visibility into the supply chain and the ability to monitor contractor productivity, and helps speed the invoicing process while at the same time reducing errors.

“In talking with customers, we quickly found that pickup and delivery tracking was their primary need,” said Michel Baney, CEO. “DeliveryTracker DCS improves customer service and significantly streamlines the delivery process, enabling drivers to make more stops, and improving the accuracy and turnaround time of invoices. Customer feedback has been very positive.”

The solution is available as a software purchase as it can run on certain hardware setups or customers can purchase a hardware/software package with a lease option through a third-party provider.