Relying heavily on Volvo Trucks dealers for maintenance and repairs, Hill Brothers Transportation has adopted a web-based platform that allows it to quickly share information with the dealers and to centrally manage its contract maintenance. MVASIST is a cloud-based technology developed by Decisiv Inc. that provides a web-based portal for sharing repair and maintenance information with a network of Volvo dealers, as well as allowing Hill Brothers to track the status of its contract work.

A dry van and refrigerated carrier based in Omaha, Hill Brothers has a fleet of 340 tractors and 1,000 trailers. “About 30 to 40% of our maintenance and half of our repairs are handled by Volvo Trucks dealers,” said Andy Gomel, breakdown manager at Hill Brothers. ”While we were skeptical at first, we’ve been impressed with the communication capability of the Decisiv platform. It helps set and manage expectations so service and repairs are completed in a timely manner, reducing downtime, lowering costs and helping us achieve our on-time service promise.”

The fleet uses MVASIST to contact dealers before a truck arrives at a service location, forwarding an electronic folder of vehicle information over the cloud-based network. The dealer can then view the fleet’s preferred maintenance and repair procedures, warranty coverage, parts pricing programs and other pertinent information before it even begins working on the truck. The platform also becomes the main conduit for information about the status of a repair, streamlining communication between both parties.