DecisivConnect, the umbrella name given to the various Decisiv Inc. social media platforms, is providing more communication opportunities for customers and leading to quicker resolution of problems, the company said.

“We launched DecisivConnect to coordinate our communications activities,” said Dick Hyatt, president of Decisiv. “We are embracing social media channels to reach out to technology partners, fleets, service providers, manufacturers and the media. Those conversations are helping us develop customer driven solutions and drive improvements in how trucks, trailers and related assets are serviced and maintained. These open, comprehensive forms of communication are essential to collectively bringing about positive and constructive changes that will benefit everyone.”

DecisivConnect includes a blog which offers insights, news, power user sections, Twitter and Facebook pages. The use of the pages, which Decisiv said have an average page visit of over 2.5 minutes, have led to more rapid development and deployment of features and enhancements to the company’s products, including its Decivis Service Management Platform, the company said.