Cell phone safety software developer United Efficiency is offering its tXtBlocker technology to help trucking stop cell phone use while driving.

Following up on the announcement by U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood’s texting ban while driving, tXtBlocker uses patented technology to determine whether a phone is in a moving vehicle. When it makes that determination, it will disable texting and other functions.

“This is another positive step that the administration has made towards addressing the dangers of distracted driving,” said Stan Van Meter, president and founder of tXtBlocker. “We are currently speaking with fleet owners and operators about how our technology can limit accidents among their drivers and make our roads safer. This declaration from DOT just underscores the need for technology like tXtBlocker to remove texting while driving from the equation.”

tXtBlocker allows owners or administrators of cell phones to log into an account and disable certain cell phone functions automatically while driving, at particular locations and even above certain speeds. A fleet owner can limit cell phone use like texting during certain days of the week or anytime a user is driving a truck or a bus, the company said.