A new driver dashboard from Rair compiles Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) data for individual drivers and allows users to quickly assess a driver’s performance.

The dashboard summarizes a driver’s hours-of-service and driver qualification data within Rair’s system as well as CSA data.

“Under CSA, which is a behavior-based evaluation system, it's becoming increasingly evident that managing driver behavior is a key to keeping BASIC scores low,” said Gregory J. Lofy, president & CEO. “The driver dashboard helps turn the pieces of data we audit into an integrated, easy-to-use picture of a driver's behavior.”

The dashboard is available as a complimentary service to users of Rair’s log auditing, driver qualifications, and CSA services. Links to Rair’s reporting programs are embedded in the dashboard to provide even more detailed information on drivers.

For carriers who use customized scoring within Rair’s system, the dashboard presents the driver's score, so users can see how the driver is performing relative to other drivers in the fleet, Rair said.