Several new features including dynamic dispatching have given Teletrac’s Fleet Director 7 new capabilities to help trucking fleets improve fuel savings, vehicle efficiency, driver productivity, and loss prevention, all while lowering insurance costs and improving customer satisfaction, the company said.

Teletrac has fully integrated its GPS-based tracking, vehicle and driver monitoring, dynamic routing options with real-time traffic data, and advanced navigation. Also new, a color touchscreen for the system’s onboard unit now handles two-way messaging and spoken navigation prompts.

Fleet Director tracks the positioning of fleet vehicles from the back office and provides automatic route optimization using SmartNav satellite navigation, real-time traffic reports and by monitoring mileage, vehicle use and unsafe driving behaviors. Dispatchers can view all vehicles within a map area, instantly monitoring each for speed, actual distance traveled and estimated time of arrival based on live traffic data.

Other features of the update include integration with third-party job ticket software products to simplify coordination between dispatchers and drivers or technicians making site visits; at-a-glance dashboards for quick decision-making at a variety of management levels; and Hours of Service software that records, enters and completes all paperwork necessary for logbook compliance.

“With Fleet Director 7, we deliver the industry’s most complete feature set,” said Tony Eales, CEO. “While Fleet Director has won numerous awards, this latest release takes intelligent driving to a completely new level.”