Prophesy Transportation Solutions has updated its FleetTrax Premier fleet maintenance software package to make it easier to keep fleet managers updated.

FleetTrax is now integrated with the QuickBooks Pro accounting solution, allowing users to post transactions such as purchase orders, shipments, work orders, returns and parts with ease. Users will also able to quickly export account information, maintenance codes, charges and customer and vendor information from FleetTrax to Quickbooks.

The software also integrates with Prophesy’s DispatchSeries.

Other enhancements include an inventory audit worksheet that shows all in-stock parts; and access to parts history.

“Our users requested integration to QuickBooks Pro, and we are pleased to announce that FleetTrax 3.6 offers seamless integration to this popular accounting solution,” said Bill Ashburn, vice president & gm. “With built-in tools for fleet maintenance cost tracking and billing of third party vendors, our users will gain unprecedented control over their fleet maintenance expenses, while building new efficiencies.”